Healthy Family Team Building

Is  balancing family and business dynamics challenging?

Is a healthy family dynamic a priority for you?

Do you feel lost on how to create this?


There is a solution that I can offer.


Farming is a business and in most cases a multi-million dollar business. This fact alone can place excess pressure on a family’s dynamics because there is so much at stake.

My name is Ellen Nyland. I’m a certified co-active coach and I own a dairy farm together with my husband. My specialty is farm family dynamics.



The succession planning process and what coaching can offer:


Succession planning is often a long and stressful time for a family who are in a business. There are advisors like the Lawyers, bankers and accountants who help you to make the best possible financial choice.

Coaching will help you to look after the most important pillar in succession planning the family. Business rise and fall with the communication skills from the managers, that is certainly true for family businesses because most of the time your co-workers are also family members.  Click here for more info on the four pillars.


Coaching will guide you through the realms of:

* Positive and productive handling of conflict-causing situations

* Respect for one another’s work boundaries and the creation of a balanced workload

* Acceptance and utilization of one another’s strengths and limitations

* Avoidance of personal power struggles that can damage both family and business


Your return on this investment of time will be:

* A transparent business that is clear to both partners and the extended family

* Healthy business relationships that are open, trusting, committed, accountable and focused

* Less time and money lost on indecisiveness, unclear planning, interpersonal conflicts, and inconsistency

* Better investments

* Sustainable growth of the business

* Less stress and potential health issues

* Wonderful family functions


Are you ready to invest in your family dynamic?

Take a moment and do the personal check list and find out where you challenges are with  family communication.